I would like to introduce you to our company  'Seven Springs Tour' (SST) - an tour operator based in Armenia, which specializes in adventure tourism. The founders and managers of the company have more than 10 years' experience in activity holidays.From the start our main purpose has been to develop and offer to our clients original tours, which are carefully designed and tested by our team and have repeatedly proven their effectiveness in practice. In our work we place special attention on safety in its various aspects, such as transport and other technical matters, food etc. Our team includes professional guides, drivers and assistants who have many years experience in tourism.

Take an opportunity to explore and discover the ancient country of Armenia with  its secrets, legends, rich historical,cultural, diverse natural heritage and open hearted people; a land with a bunch of bright colors, magnificent fragrances and amazing tastes.We offer you various tours, which differ in their length and complexity and which can be tailored to all tastes, preferences and requirements. We can help you to create a tour in accordance with your interests and your budget

Our services include:                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

  • Various  tour packages and programs in Armenia and Nagorno Karabakh
  • Classic & Cultural Tours
  • Culture & Walking Tours
  • Tour Packages for Budget Travelers
  • Individual/family self directed holidays
  • Adventure Tours including Hiking &Trekking
  • Cycling & Biking
  • Tours of special interest: archaeological, botanical, gastronomic, bird watching
  • Combined tours to Armenia, Georgia and Turkey.
  • Hotel Reservations at discounted rates
  • Travel Support - guides, mountain guides, executive assistants, language assistants.
  • Car/Bus/ Rental

Welcome to Armenia for your new experience, bright and unforgettable impressions!                              


President and Founder 

'SST' LLC   

Marat Shakhbekyan

Our priorities                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

The principles of responsible tourism           

All types of tourist activity make an impact on the environment, they also have an influence on social and economic aspects in the involved areas. As a tourism agency we realize our responsibility for all these three aspects. In our activity we follow the main principles of responsible tourism given below and we actively encourage other companies and organizations rather than individuals involved in tourism follow these rules.

To preserve the environment: flora, fauna and landscapes

To respect and protect cultural and historical heritage and local traditions

To support the local communities both socially and economically

To care about environment starting from the office to the destination

To minimize all types of pollution through the reduction of noise, decreasing waste and caring about its disposal.