Unique charm of the scenery

Ancient culture and living traditions

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Ancient culture and living traditions

A piece of the sky fallen in the mountains

Welcome to Armenia

The country of contrasts, of bright sun and high mountains, natural honey and tasty bread, marvelous wine and cold spring water, flower carpets and sweet fruits; the country, where traditionally the guest is considered to be the most respected and welcome person at home, is ready to get open to you in all its magnificence. Show Map of Armenia

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Culture & History

    This trip is to travel back to our (Christian) roots. It might become a pilgrimage, a chance to touch a relic. Holy places are everywhere – temples, monasteries, churches – all of them t...

Hiking Tours  

    A tour around the cultural and scenic highlights of Armenia combined with walking tours. Suitable for most people in good health, these trips include only a short element of tr...

 Trekking Tours   

    During such tours  Armenia appears before you as a Symphony of nature  as an  infinite sequence of high ridges, river valleys and lonely peaks. The slopes of rid...

Bicycle Tours 

The programs which are full of impressions and physical difficulties will help you to enjoy marvellous scenes and new discoveries for amateur bikers. Hard, but interesting routes will become an excell...

Special interest tours
Botanical tours 

         The tours are designed both for professionals and amateurs. Botanical tours will give you an opportunity to discover the diversity of plant specie...

Special interest tours
Winter tours

Winter hiking with snowshoes in Armenia is travellingwith new opportunities.With snowshoes you can pass by untaught trails headingacross white winter landscapes.These kind of hiking tours are great re...




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