Botanical tours 


    The tours are designed both for professionals and amateurs. Botanical tours will give you an opportunity to discover the diversity of plant species and bright sceneries of various plant communities, to see some rare and endemic representatives of the flora of Armenia in their habitats. The qualified botanist will tell you also about the role of plants in life of local people. You will have a chance to taste some wild edible plants cooked in accordance with traditional recipes. An exclusive tour will bring you to the remarkable trees and groves of Armenia introducing to you the historical, cultural and spiritual values the trees carry throughout the ages.

report by Annie Nivière and Jason Spencer-Cooke on the recent botanical tour of Armenia, with hundreds of splendid photographs contributed by Elisabeth Gratraud, Chantal Maurice, Annie Nivière, Hubert Nivière, Christine Savage and Jock Shearer, is now on the MGF website.