Hiking Tours  

    A tour around the cultural and scenic highlights of Armenia combined with walking tours. Suitable for most people in good health, these trips include only a short element of trekking which is always on good paths and predominately at low altitudes (1800-3200m). The tour consists of daily easy walks. During this tour you will become part of the rich and varied nature of Armenia. The car or bus will cover the rest of the distance and will accompany us throughout the tour.  The tour starts and ends in modern capital Yerevan. With accommodation in comfortable hotels and outside of the capital in cosy hotels and private houses.

  •       Overall distance: 7-15 km  walks per day
  •        4-5 hours of walking per day
  •        Some physical condition is desirable.
  •        The difficulty level is 2 (out of 5).
  •         Duration – on demand